AI Arsenal

I rely on a suite of AI tools that streamline my workflows, spark creativity, and, in many cases, are faster than using a search engine.


LibreChat provides a ChatGPT-like interface for an array of public LLMs. This is my main tool for generating code and most GPT chats. This is combined with a private tool I’m developing for generating system prompts.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot has revolutionized the way I approach coding projects, especially when working within Visual Studio Code. I use the Visual Studio Code plugin to utilize the GitHub Copilot service. I really love the @workspace feature. I open a folder using code foldername and can immediately chat about all the files in my project.

OpenAI API, Anthropic API, Hugging Face

The APIs provided by OpenAI and Anthropic allow me to use various third party tools (such as LibreChat, or plain coding) to integrate GPT models into my workflows. I use Hugging Face to find or experiment with open source models.

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is great for generating any kind of code, images, logos, and recipes, tailoring it to produce virtually any kind of text or visual content. Custom GPTs are amazing for specific tasks.

Stable Diffusion (AUTOMATIC1111)

AUTOMATIC1111‘s deployment of Stable Diffusion is my go-to for AI-generated imagery, with a vast array of plugins and models, powered by my somewhat-robust nVidia RTX 3090 GPU. (SFW) and (Potentially NSFW) are great resources for finding models and other customizations for stable-diffusion.


DeOldify is still my go-to for open source vintage photo (and video) colorization.

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